Rewilding does not recognize borders!

 Some of the 🦌🦌fallow deer, which were released to the Ermakiv island in the Ukrainian Danube, crossed the Danube and settled in the Romanian delta. The news came from the ecotourism operator Delta Dunarii Ultima Frontiera, along with the photos of the animals. The organization has a network of 📷photo hides in the Danube Delta in Romania as well as other picturesque places of Europe, which are very popular with nature photographers. In the future, we hope to adopt the experience of a tour operator in a free Ukraine, as well as to establish cooperation in cross-border tourism.

  Last year, fellow deer settled in Ermakiv as part of a program to return the species to the Danube region and restore the island`s natural systems. The first group  came here from the Rivne region a year and a half ago (more here, and the second group was brought from Feldman Ecopark at the end of last year (more here We are glad that six fallow deer have settled in Romanian part of the delta, although we could not have predicted this with a high probability. Of course, in order to talk about the full return of the species to the cross-border region, mane more deer releases are needed, which we hope will be possible in the near future.