WorldRewildingDay was celebrated in Vilkovo!

At the Visitor Center of the Danube Biosphere Reserve, Tetiana Balatska and pupils of the Vilkovo Secondary School #2 watched the video "Rewilding in the Danube Delta" and talked about wilder nature, wildlife comeback and nature-based economy in their region.

The children learned that thanks to rewilding efforts, large herbivores such as wild horses, water buffalo, European fallow deer, predators such as eagle owl, and other keystone species that have long disappeared or are nearly extinct from the region are returning to the Danube Delta. Among the latter is the Dalmatian pelican, an ambassador of the healthy and well-connected wetlands in Europe. The restoration of the floodplains is also helping to increase the sturgeon population in the Danube.

The pupils enthusiastically discussed the future that rewilding offers hope for: a future in which wildlife and people of the region live together in harmony.

The World Rewilding Day events laid the groundwork for an educational campaign that will soon be launched in the Danube Delta.

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