We continue to follow the journey of our 3 handsome young eagle owls

We continue to follow the journey of our 3 handsome young eagle owls, born earlier this year in the Odessa Zoo. Last week, the Head of the birds of prey section of the Odessa Zoo, Viktor Pilyuga, transported the eagle owls to the outer Danube delta, where they temporarily settled in a special enclosure on the territory of the Danube Biosphere Reserve. The birds have to get used to the new region in order to recognize it as their home. So they will stay in the aviary for about two weeks, and after that will be released into the wild. We will follow their future fate and movements with the help of trackers.
According to the eagle owl reintroduction program, implemented within the framework of the project "Restoration of wetlands and steppes of the Danube Delta region" with the support of The Endangered Landscapes Programme, 20 young birds will find a new home in the Danube Delta during 5 years of the project. Last year the first successful attempt to return the eagle owl to the delta was made.