50 years of conservation practices on Danube!

By the Decree of the Council of Ministers of USSR as of July 24, 1967 № 490 a nature conservation area of republican significance was created in Danube delta with the total area of 3 thousands sq. km.
These first thousands of hectares of valuable nature territories now make up the part of conservation  zone of Danube biosphere reserve of the National academy of science of Ukraine.
The state, taking the delta nature territories under its patronage, based this act upon the importance of preservation of wildlife in the form of conservation as the most progressive in the world. The conservation practice fully supported this statement on the territories of Ukrainian lower Danube (1967-2017): from the reserve as a sanctuary of nature to the branch of the Black Sea state reserve, an independent nature reserve “Danube overflow land”, and finally the Danube biosphere reserve with the issue of the relevant certificate of UNESCO.
We congratulate with this anniversary all those who worked and continues working in Danube biosphere reserve. Wishing everyone productive and creative achievements, welfare, happiness, peace and all the best!

Administration of Danube biosphere reserve