Danube Day 2017

    The Danube river flows through the territory of ten countries from the river head to the mouth: Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Moldova and Ukraine.

    Among the rivers that supply the Black Sea, Danube holds the first place in terms of length – 2783 km of area of drainage area –  817 thousand sq.km and the annual flow – 210 cubic km (57,2% of the annual flow of all rivers supplying the Black Sea). The length of the basin from West to East makes up 1690 km, width - 820 km.  In addition, the Danube basin covers (fully or partially) the territories of 19 countries of Central and Southern Europe (besides the above-mentioned ten countries): Switzerland, Italy, Czech Republic, Poland, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Albania and Makedonia. The river flows into the Black Sea making the Romanian-Ukrainian delta which is listed among the objects of the World Heritage of UNESCO.
    Danube Day is a joint European activity, which is celebrated annually on June 29 in 14 countries of the river basin under the patronage of the International committee on protection of Danube river.
        The holiday is celebrated in the town of Vilkovo since 2004.
      On June 29, 2017 at 10 am Danube Day will be traditionally celebrated on the St. Nickolas square.
     The holiday is arranged by: Danube biosphere reserve, WWF and Danube Youth club which works on the basis of Information and touristic centre of reserve.  

Tatyana Balatskaya, scientist
Danube biosphere reserve